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haunted graveyard

haunted graveyard

About Us

A local group of paranormal investigators in Northern NJ filming the history of Hackettstown claims that they have captured Undeniable proof that there is life after death. Sergio Duque along with Totowa resident Carl Cifaldi and his son Carl, daughter Laura Cifaldi and Paterson Residents Randy DeOrio and Theresa Baker Thielen have captured both visual and audio footage that has generated quite a buzz throughout social media. Laura Cifaldi who is known for her medium work in NJ was asked to join her father, brother and "The Paraseekers” team to get her feel on a large property which has historic precedence in Hackettstown. Sergio also has direct EVP responses to questions that were asked by the film crew which has left them baffled. The film crew never expected to witness everything that was captured nor have they ever had their equipment malfunction including having their new batteries constantly die due to the paranormal events. "The Paraseekers” team who uses an approach that no other Paranormal research team has ever used before, have decided to continue investigating the Paranormal / supernatural throughout the state of New Jersey and beyond. ghost, demon, paranormal activity 

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