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New Paranormal Tv Show Season 1

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Its crazy to see that we have actually captured some ghosts in the TV show. Here is a little bit of about who we are: we are a local Paranormal Investigator group in NJ. We all came together with a common interest to find out what its like in the afterlife.

So far in this supernatural tv show season we have done everything from EVP's to demon dodge (yes we had contact unfortunately with demons). Our first investigation felt like it was going to be sink or swim, while most of us weren't really expecting as much paranormal activity as we had received. There was such an overwhelming amount of activity that we actually didn't see it all when reviewing it. Example: a viewer that was watching the show reached out to us on Facebook letting us know that we captured a demon/little girl in the kitchen and after we reviewed the footage it was deemed that they were correct.

paranormal little demon girl

paranormal research investigators in New Jersey

We are one of the very few paranormal investigation teams to be using a medium. Laura Cifaldi medium in new jersey.

If you like the strange, dark, mysterious and paranormal stay tuned while we continue our paranormal research in the USA and hopefully in the next few season's we will be able to get to go outside of the country to other historical paranormal locations in search for the answer's to the afterlife. When we have new videos for our Paranormal TV Show it will be found here.


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